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My name is Dawn E Fountain, Cert. LDP, PLS. I am an Arizona Supreme Court Certified Document Preparer. I have been working in the field for over 21 years. I have worked in Criminal, Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property, Personal Injury, Civil, Domestic RelationsEstate Planning - to name a few. Now I am here to help you with the preparation of documents.
AZ paralegal services
You make the decisions, and I will do the paperwork. My role is to prepare the documents under your direction.
With my 21 yrs experience in the field, I am able to complete the documents you need and want accurately and professionally, but without the expense of an attorney.
Paralegal Service in AZ, Phoenix, Mesa, Surprise, Glendale,
I understand and realize that each and every case and client is unique. Thus, the documents I will prepare for you are not the standard, boiler plate "Court forms," and are customized to each individual and specific case.
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Dawn E Fountain, Cert. LDP, PLS
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Offices in Arizona and Florida
AZ Phone: (623) 388-6725
FL Phone:  (727) 215-2584
Fax: (866) 560-1686
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Legal Document Preparer & paralegal in Arizona

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Nothing on this site should be construed as advice and should only be considered as general information. I am NOT an attorney and CANNOT give you advice. If you are in need of such, please contact an attorney in your area. 
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Paralegal Services AZ, Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Surprise,


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